Newbe question

I’ve been flying my ADS-B equipped RV-12 for almost a year and a half. I just checked FlightAware for the first time, expecting to see at least some of the flight history. All I see is one flight from 3 years ago, before the registration number was mine - none of my flights. So, is there something I need to do to activate FlightAware? I can see recent flights on another flight tracking site OK.

What is the call sign or ICAO ID? Is it ADS-B In out or both (1090 or 978UAT). Must have ADS-B Out to be seen by Flightaware as an ADS-B Aircraft.
It is possible to suppress tracking, however, it should show up as suppressed.

Thanks for the reply. N121TK with ADS-B In/Out. I’ve gotten an “all green” ADS-B report from the FAA if that’s relevant. I’ve seen references to suppression but couldn’t find anything relating to it in my profile/account/history. Maybe it’s there and I’m just missing it.

I see 7 flights this month and 16 flights in September.

You may need an updated account to see the details.

Setup a piaware and you can access the info.

Thanks. That’s really strange, I can’t see any of those. I have a"Registered" account which should retain 4 months of historical flights. The fact that you can see them says that the flights are indeed retained. When I click the link you provided to my historical flights, though, all I see is one flight on July 18, 2013. I would assume I should be able to see my flights that have been retained with the type of account I have.

You need to turn on position-only flights at

Yup, that did it, thanks. I figured there was something simple that I was just missing …

Perhaps another newbie question. Who is using the data we collect where does all this information end up.

Thank you