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ADS-B General Aviation Planes not Showing

I live on a small private runway and have PiAware running. We have a few ADS-B out equipped planes that take off and do not show up on the PiAware nor on ForeFlight. But, when we do a FAA ADS-B performance report, the data from the flight shows up and according to the FAA the ADS-B out is properly functioning. Other similar planes do show up on both. Just curious why some do show up, while others do not.

In fact, last night we did a new ADS-B installation and performed a 40 minute test flight. The flight did not show up on my PiAware nor on Foreflght, but the FAA ADS-B report showed the entire flight and proper functioning of the ADS-B system.

Any help would be great appreciated.


Turn on “Show position-only flights” in Section 6 of your "My Account " settings to see them.

Maybe you weren’t aware of the difference between UAT on 978 MHz and ES on 1090 Mhz?

The typical piaware sd-card installation will only receive 1090 MHz, many new ADS-B installations for GA use an UAT transponder.

Just to clarify, are you asking about the website or the local receiver webinterface not showing a plane?

I am aware of 1090 vs UAT, but was not aware the PiAware only shows 1090… but my plane is UAT and shows up… so I am not sure why…

I am referring to both FlightAware and PiAware, these planes I’m referring to have not shown up on either… but checks out good with the FAA report.

I already have ‘show position flights’ turned on in section 6. Again, some planes show, but a some do not. I’m the ones I confirmed are my planes, both have a mode S transponder and ads-b in and out. My friends plane do not have mode S, one has a Garmin GDL-82 ADS-B and the other has a Uavionix tail beacon.


Ok, just looked mine up… mine does transmit on 1090, I think his is on UAT. Is this the reason why? Shouldn’t it still show up on FlightAware? Or only if 1090 or talking to a tower??


Are you talking about the local webinterface of your receiver or the website?

FA supports feeding 978 MHz UAT as well.
That needs a 2nd SDR/antenna and it’s easier with a 2nd RPi.

So your receiver is set up to only receive 1090 MHz (otherwise you’d probably know).
But other receivers may be set up for 978 MHz, but the coverage is much worse.

Showing up on the website … has to do with coverage and a few other factors.
I’m not exactly sure what shows up and what doesn’t.
With the local receiver interface that’s much easier to say.

Then for UAT/978 if he’s flying VFR, he could be using anonymous mode which would show up on a local 978 receiver webinterface, but as a random number not associated with his tail.
Those will probably not show up on the FA webpage.

He might also have put his plane on a block list and thus doesn’t show up ont eh FA webpage.
Quite a few possibilities.


You need to install 2 antennas and 2 dongles:

  • One antenna + one dongle to receive 1090 MHz
  • Second antenna + Second dongle to receive 978 Mhz.

Please see this guide:

Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

Above guide is for version 3.8.0, but is fully applicable to current ver 3.8.1 also, except that image download link is for old ver 3.8.0. The link for current ver 3.8.1 is given below:



Thanks for everyone’s help.

A couple of comments…

  • the 2 planes that are not showing up on either FlightAware nor my PiAware are not in anonymous mode nor blocked. I set them up myself. :slight_smile:
  • I believe the issue on why I can’t see them on my PiAware but can see my planes is due to mine broadcasting 1090 and his on 978mhz. I did not realize I was only receiving 1090 on PiAware. This makes sense now.
  • I still don’t know why he does not show up on the Flight Aware web site/app. Maybe because of the ADSB coverage in our area? But, he does show up on the FAA report with no issues. This is what I still don’t understand.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Yes 978 coverage isn’t too good yet.
As you can read above, it needs additional gear.

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