Fleet departures log

Is there a feature that can keep track of all destinations that an airline goes to? For example, it will show all airport codes that AAL has been to within the last month, showing each airport only once. Sort of like a destination finder, but allowing you to view cargo airlines, GA flights under specific callsign.

Is there? No.

Can there be?

This is close to it but…


Yup, I use that all the time. My question is if there can be a history for that page, going back for a couple months.

Help! Where on the home page does the link to live/fleet appear, i.e how do you quick access it? :blush:

From there noted the ongoing problem with the canadian registered a/c showing up as airlines:e.g


Is there any easy resolution to this?

**And **- so many questions - if watching the fleet list for a while and a foreign airline does not appear can it be assumed that it is an airline for which no tracking request (data) has been made? Seem to recall an airline or individual callsign had to be added to the ‘system’ to be tracked? This ties in with another thread where the person couldnt find French airforce details although CTM (Cotam) could potentially be tracked if the system was looking for it (military or otherwise).


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The middle column under Browsing Suggestions has links to the fleet tracking page and popular operators.

I don’t think it would be hard to filter out the foreign registrations, but it’s not a high priority at the moment.

If the foreign operator has made the request to the FAA to be included in the feed, and has not requested to be blocked, then you should see them on the fleet page.

Thx MDuell for the indication where the link is.

It is not a case of filtering out registrations, in fact I would like to see more - lots more. Its just the canadian prefixes (C-F or C-G with another letter) throw up operators ‘Cranfield aeronautics’ or some distant chinese airline when it should be a private tailnumber. Much like the TN prefix issues in the early days - a lot of Congo a/c about!!

Seems only a tiny number of VP-B/VP-C or mexican aircraft show up
( for example) and many deliveries coming out of the states with new details dont get caught or seen.
Appreciate there are bigger issues to solve…

Thx IN (UK)