Fleet Tracking....


I would like to be able to see an eitire fleet at once like all American Airlines Flight by using a wild card like AMR*


This is in the works. Please use the search feature available on every dicussions page.

The three letter code for American Airlnes is AAL, not AMR.


I want to see the same thing. I want to see them displayed on a map and to be able to click on any of them and get the usual information and map display. You CAN get a listing of all of a given aircraft type (if you can figure out the code or click on the aircraft type in a given spot) for all aircraft flying (or with an active flight plan). It would be nice, however, to have all of THESE display on a map and then be able to focus on a given one by simply clicking on it (more refinements, while we’re waiting!). Thanks Jan - near CID :wink:


I like that idea also. But i would also like to be able to track a flight and still have all the planes around still or even better make it an option if you want to have other flights on the screen when your tracking one. That way you can look and see if that flights is around others. :smiley:


One thing that has alwayed bothered me. No where on the home page, or even the “Live Tracking” page is there a “search by aircraft type” field. If you click on an aircraft type, only THEN you can get a field in which to search for other A/C types.
Also, more on the line with this thread, is adding to the options for searchability… Like if I wanted to search for all PC12’s that have AF at the end of their N-numbers I could search PC12 and *AF. These could be displayed separately, like things are displayed now, but overlapping them onto one map would be amazing. For airlines this would be more troublesome because the map would be way to “zoomed” out and detail would be crap…unless someone implemented a zoom- and pan- able map view.


Patience, grasshopper. The improvements you requested are coming.

For tracking by aircraft type, add this link to your toolbar: flightaware.com/live/aircrafttype/

This will take you to a page asking you to enter the aircraft type.

While you’re at it, you may also want to add links on the toolbar to your favorite flights and airports.

How do you do this, you may be asking.
If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure your links toolbar is showing. If it isn’t, right click on a toolbar and click “links.” Then, all you have to do is drag the icon next to the URL to someplace on the links toolbar.