show all of an aircrafat type on the same map


i was wondering if it may be easier sometimes to show on one map all aircraft of one type. since you can search for aircraft of a certain type and see the list of all of them in the air, why not let users be able to see where they all are with one click of the mouse instead of having to clock on each individual one? also would save user time form having to use multiple aircraft tracking as suggested before


We’ll be adding more maps in the near future once we get more map server capacity online.


by “near future” you mean…

sorry for all of these requests and questions…im just curious, not tryin to rush anythign :smiley:


Maybe I’m thinking of another service, but wasn’t a filter by aircraft type part of FlightAware some time (years?) ago?
I remember looking at all of a plane type to get some idea of real TAS expectations before purchase.
In fact, the suggestion to do just that appeared on the Cirrus Owner’s site in the last couple weeks.

Am I remembering correctly?




Talking about something like this


I feel pretty dumb to have missed it, but sure appreciate the guidance.



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