My requests


Because there are so many topics going, I don’t know all that has been requested. Forgive me if I repeat any others. So, here go mine:

Instead of typing in full airline names and then selecting which one I’m trying to find, it would be great to just type in the airline’s 2 or 3 letter identifier, then the flight number. Such as WN, or AWE etc., etc.

Also, along those same lines, it would be cool to just type in an airline and see all the flights that are in the air at that time. Much like the aircraft type feature already in place. It’s great to see how many 747-400’s are in the air at the same time.

Thanks for your consideration.

  1. Enter SWA155 or AWE10 in the Flight/Tail # box near the top of the left side column. Or click on any flight/tail # from an Airport Activity page.

  2. Fleet tracking is currently in development.

Both of these items have been inquiry subjects in the Forum numerous times. You can easily “Search” for them by clicking the “Search” link just under the orange stripe at the top of the page.