3 letter airline code


Here’s hoping that the flightaware staff can come up with a way to just type the 3 letter airline code and flight number to track a flight (instead of typing ‘southwest airlines 2247’ just type swa 2247). There are times when viewing an airport that a flight is shown that I am not familiar with the airline code and not all codes are easy to decipher. Thanks for a great site!!!


You can. Just type SWA2247 into the box labeled “Flight Identification or Tail Number” and it will work.


As Newark777 pointed out, you can just type the 3-digit ICAO code plus flight number into the box next to the Track Any Flight button.
If you’re already airport page, why not just click on the flight ident?


Hey mduell and newark777, thanks for waking me up to the simple solution. I appreciate your help.


Hi all…newbie here…

Is there anyway you can track an airline without a flt #.



You can use the route-based flight finder to find the flight number.