N numbers from flight number


If I search for a flight by a flight number it does not show the planes tail number, if I search by a tail number it will show both the N number & flight number.
Question, is there a way to find out which plane I will be flying on when I only have the flight number?

Ability to see both flight numebr AND tail number

That is available to Enterprise account subscribers



OK, I understand that somebody has to pay for the great stuff on this site and advertising won’t cover it all.

But there is one feature that involves tail number for which I would pay a modest price (or even per use), and that is to track Southwest planes to know when my flight departure is at risk. A Southwest plane flies under 3 to 6 different flight numbers each day. Once my plane is delayed (usually beginning under another flight number), my departure is at risk. The Southwest web site will not show this until my flight is sure to be delayed.

My trip today involves two planes and five flight numbers. By tracking departure and arrival times and gates using FlightStats.com, I can track the plane. It’s a bit tedious, but doable. For my first departure today (in 3 hours), my plane is 24 minutes late, but fortunately, Southwest has a 50 minute stopover, so I should be OK to make my second flight, which is currently on time. This has not always been the case, and with this information, I have twice gotten to the airport earlier so I could switch to a different flight and make my connection.


Flightboard from Mobiata is quite handy for the “backtrack” One piece of missing information that you’ll never get “publically” is whether the crew that brings the plane in is actually staying with it. Can’t count the number of times I’ve started at the plane that’s missing a crew… or an FA or a member of the flight deck because they’re delayed.


Not all have 3 to 6 flight numbers. Many have one flight number from start of day until end of day.


I don’t think there’s anywhere in the U.S. you can get accurate flight tail numbers. Airline dispatchers shuffle around aircraft and crews all the time (especially with the new duty time regulations) and there would be no need for an airline to release that to the public. I work in the FAA and we don’t even get that data (we could, but we’d have to contact their dispatchers directly). Maybe other countries are different though.

Note the commercial feature from here for airline tail numbers says “where available” – make sure it’s available first (and I mean the assigned tail number for a flight that hasn’t departed yet – they can get tail numbers for in-air flights from ADS-B).