Ability to see both flight numebr AND tail number

I LOVE FlightAware and use it a lot to track flights, but I was wondering if it was possible to show both the flight number and tail number?

I can look up a tail number and see all that particular flight info, including the flight number, but if I look up a flight number, I am unable to find the tail number. The reason I want to do this is that I keep track of all my flights and like to note the tail number in my records, and I am not always able to see the actual number on my aircraft either before or after the flight.

Is it possible to look up a flight by the flight number and have the tail number attached to that record?

This would be great if you could do this.




Hello: I would like to suggest that in the aircraft row (between status and speed…) it is displayed the tail number, and not only the aircraft type. Or maybe in a new row. Thanks

If you’re on the flight or actually see the plane; there is something called using your eyes and looking at the N-number yourself

If you mean this, no: the number is kind of generic, but not actual for the selected flight:


Tail numbers are shown if you have an enterprise account (perhaps by virtue of being an ADS-B feeder)
See flightaware.com/commercial/premium/