Tail number and flight number

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How to find a tail number if I know a flight number. And vice-versa. Thanks!

Quickest is antonakis.co.uk/acars.php?page=request or one of the other ACARS sites.

Thanks! But I mean the FlightAware site. I can’t believe flight number and tail number are not connected somehow to each other.
For instance we’ve found a flight. There is a flight plan (usually). According to FAA there is a reg number (tail no) should be.
Why FlightAware can’t connect a tail number to a flight when its available?

Because the flight number is not necessarily the tail number. The flight plan will have one or the other but not both. The ACARS site posts them when they find out which airplane an airline used for a particular flight.

The flight plan we receive from the FAA only includes one identifier: the airline and flight number or the tail number.
In addition we receive tail numbers for some airlines directly from the airline (CO, UA, etc). You can look up a flight for those airlines and follow the link to the inbound flight or you can look up those tail numbers and see which flights they operated.

There are phantom flights being filed by US carriers in Caanda. Just look for any MUI flight numbers, and see how many of them actually fly. On any weekday, there are up 34 of them in eastern Canada alone.
How can they get away with cluttering up the screen for two years?
Can anyone stop this?
It could escalate into a security problem. Does the FAA know about it?

Can you provide examples?

You’re in luick!

At 0930 hrs: CYHU take a look at the En Route section …what a space blocker… FYI, these flights are NOT in the NAVCAN database. They also show up a various places in the province.


Wow, that’s annoying. I’ll see what that Hawaiian company is doing to appear in Canada.

:smiley: Go for it! After 2 years of this, I’ll be pleased to see them outta here! Never a flight operated.

So, Flightaware! I can see now CGBZR / ACA9 (C-GBZR, Air Canada Flight 9) info for instance. This is when I looking by reg numbers. When I looking by a flight No. I can only get flight number without reg. Is it so difficult to make a cross links between flights and regs??? Why do I still need to search among all 33 Air Canada’s 767 regs to find a flight number? Thanks!

You spell Canada wrong on wsair 10 write up.