Seeing flight number for a tail number, and vice-versa

I’ve enjoyed the relatively new feature of tracking by tail number.

However, is it possible to see the flight numbers on a tail number search? For example, I can search for N777UA and see that the aircraft is about to complete an AMS-IAD flight, but FlightAware won’t tell me the flight number, so I need to dig separately for that.

Similarly, I can search for UAL947 AMS-IAD and see that it is about to land at IAD, but FlightAware won’t tell me that N777UA is operating the flight.

Is it possible to “link” flight number and tail number (for flights/carriers supporting tail numbers on FlightAware)? It seems like the data must be there…


that would be a great addition!

i completely agree i love how we can can type in a tail number and see what flight its on but when you click on a flight number it doesnt say what ac tail number is flying it that would be a GREAT add on PLEASE MAKE IT