Tail Numbers


I am newbie so I admit I may be posting in the wrong place. I know the data shown does not yet include tail numbers. In the mean time, does anyone know where one can find a database that shows the tail number of an aircraft by typing in the airline, flight number, date and time of the flight?


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It’s coming out as a feature of FA soon!


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Here’s two for now:




Great sites, Thanks.


Keep in mind, flights on an IFR flight plan that are not scheduled air carrier operations are identified by the a/c tail number.


Not quite right. There are all sorts of operators that file flightplans without the use of their N numbers. A few examples: Netjets, DamienChrysler, Quest Diagnostics, USA Jet Airlines.

Search the forum for discussions on callsigns.


Yea, thanks for the correction. What I meant is that most private, general aviation aircraft are identified by their tail number - like Mr. Pilot flying his Cherokee IFR from Airport A to Airport B for lunch or something.


As an aside, does anybody know, on an average day, what percentage of IFR traffic is general aviation versus other filing with a callsign?


I meant to add, the sites I linked above rely on ACARS data, not flight plans, so what they file is irrelevant.