Flight tracking help


Hey everyone i’m pretty new to this tracking thing on Flight Aware but i was wondering if anyone knows how to track commercial aircraft tail numbers. i’m flying up to Albany, NY at the end of this week and i’m trying to figure out if i’ll be flying on any of Southwest’s special paint scheme aircraft. Thanks and i’d appreciate the help!



The tail number is not included in the flight plan, so we don’t know which aircraft is flying a particular route.


SWA probably doesn’t know which aircraft will be flying that route. Flight crews and aircraft frequently change with a moments notice.

I usually check to see what equipment will be used but that can change too. I flew this flight http://flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA1836/history on 1/5/07. I was expecting a 733 but got an empty 737 with mostly commuting pilots and crews*. The leg before this we had a 737 Shamu http://flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA1066/history/20070105/1704Z/KSEA/KMDW which I didn’t even know they had (I thought they were all 733). The lady next to me thought it was funny they had whales painted on the overhead bins. I explained and she was excited to see the outside once we landed.

*An off duty FA travelling with her husband pitched in to help with cabin service which was quickly cut off due to sky moguls. I asked her if I could have an extra bag of peanuts and I got about 50 bags dumped on me. She was very cool and easy on the eyes!