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Why cant you track SWA tail numbers?

i was wondering why you can track specific SWA tail numbers? Is there any chance of this changing in the near future? How would flight aware inform people of the change? Go ahead try to track any SWA tail number,

N334SW Is an example.

Discussion group search is your friend… Asked and answered over and over and over again…


This one works flightaware.com/live/flight/N7726A ?

Only selected planes are trackable by tail number. Most of them are either the recently delivered -800s or
the converted ex-AirTran -700s.

I believe any valid Southwest registration that has a N as the first letter followed by four numbers and then a letter will be trackable by tail here.

-Correct same goes with planefinder.net
-There is NO way to have notice of a specialty coming in unless you have someone who saw or is on the flight
-Did some calculation and you have roughly an 8% chance in seeing one.

Well in case they ever start working, here are the special themes:

southwest.com/html/southwest … lanes.html

N713SW … Shamu Two
N715SW … Shamu Three
N352SW … Lone Star One
N383SW … Arizona One
N647SW … Triple Crown
N609SW … California One
N727SW … Nevada One
N781WN … New Mexico One
N214WN … Maryland One
N918WN … Illinois One
N945WN … Florida One
N230WN … Colorado One
N280WN … Penguin One

Flightaware’s link to the registration numbers stopped functioning as of 4:30 PM CDT on November 17th.

Did Southwest ask for their registrations to be not tracked on Flightaware as of roughly Nov 17th? Other airlines registrations seem to work fine such as JetBlue first A321.

flightaware.com/live/flight/N772 … /KMCI/KMCO

This is N7726A’s last Flightaware tracked flight.

Planefinder.net has N7726A has it flying SWA 1489 from SFO to SNA currently in route as I post.

Here’s the link to JetBlue’s Boston Red Sox livery plane.


Here’s the link to “Blue Bravest” JetBlue’s FDNY tribute plane.