Converting Flight Number to Tail number



I’m trying to monitor the commercial incoming flight that I’m waiting to board. How can I do that? How can I find out the airplane Tail number that is enroute to the airport where I’m at? Or do I need the Tail number for that? Is it posibble to figure out where the plain is coming from and what the flight number is, therefore “flightwatch” it?


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You do not need the tail number for a commercial flight. The flight number that the airlines use is good enough.

You would enter that number along with the airliner name in the middle field option on the left right above Track Commercial Flight button.

All other flights outside the commercial airlines, you will need the tail number and you enter that in the top field in the left side of the screen above Track any Flight. These tail numbers in most cases will begin with the letter N. For example N1943L would be my tail number

Hope this helps!



You can’t track airline flights by tail number, only by flight number.

There’s an art to matching up arrivals with departures. If you’re at DFW trying to figure out which American plane you’re about to hop on, it’s a lost cause. But if you’re at a smaller airport, you can guess based on that flights have the same aircraft type and arrive a reasonable length of time (usually 1-2 hours) before your flight departs. What flight are you departing on that you want to predict the inbound flight for?


What you can also do is go to the airport website and check for live arrival/departure listings. Look for your departing flight. If it shows a gate number then look for arriving flights at that gate. The one arriving just previous to your departing flight may be your incoming flight.



thnx for all the suggestions. I tried them and I found that comparing arriving screen and departure screen at the airport website is the quickest. I match up the gate number, and since I’m usually sitting at the gate and aware of all last minute gate changes if happens, this works quite well.
I fly multiple times a week and I have delays, cancellations a lot no matter what airline. I know that knowing the status of the incoming flight via Fligth Aware will not speed things up, but at least I’m somewhat informed that I can’t say about the other hundreds of people around me. Airplines these days treat us like cattle. (Yes I have the highest level of Freq flyer status in multuiple airlines, still I feel that the only thing is missing at the airport are the whips from the hands of these airline people)
Still , love to fly… Endre


…and immediately I put my foot in my mouth. I’m sitting at gate D36 at ATL. They have six!!! planes arriving leaving at the same time at this gate. So I had to go up to te attendant and ask where the plane is coming from that I’m flying out with. After a few minutes of typing and mumbling… she said “I think Tulsa”… of course it wasn’t. It was coming from LEX…
So the gate info is ok as long there is one may be two planes arriving or leaving at the approx same time… Endre


Funny, after your previous comment about airline employees at the airport I was going to ask if you fly out of ATL alot. They are the worst, most un-happy lot I’ve ever met.


With the terminal most gate agents use, it’s somewhat hard to figure out where an incoming aircraft is coming from if they only have the flight number unless the flight is a continuing flight number. It’s doable, but not something they’d do very often - especially if they’re working a DL Connection gate at a hub and working 3 or 4 flights at once.