Viewing Old Flights?

I’m new to this website and I’m trying to find the flightpath for a flight that ended a couple days ago. Are they archived at all? How do I go about finding them?

Though I bet this question has been asked before, I searched the forum before I posted. If you are aware of a thread that has answers, I’d be grateful for that.


Go to flight tracker and insert the tail # and you will get a history of recent flights.

What if you don’t know the tail number?

I second will744’s question… considering I don’t have the tail #

Well then you can plug in the airport identifier where the flight departed or arrived, but you will need the tail # to find the plane on arrivals/departures. Does the OP know the tail #? If not, was it commercial or private and is the time of departure/arrival known?

Look on the left side of this web page. At the top left is a blue bar labeled Live Tracking. That offers a full suite of options. Below that you’ll see a gray-and-orange section called Flight Tracker. It offers several ways of finding your flight.

If it’s non-commercial flight, you need the tail number, which for US airplanes will begin with an N. If it’s commercial, move down to the next gray block, which asks for airline and flight no. Once you find the tracking page for the correct tail no. or airline/flight no., near the bottom you will find a list of recent flights, and it should include the one you want. If the list doesn’t go back far enough, you may need to sign up for membership; that helps a lot, but if you need to go even further back, you may have to get out your wallet.

You’ll find a lot of info about this on the main FlightAware Questions/Answers, in the extreme upper right corner. This is separate from the Discussions FAQ, top-center. It’s not immediately obvious that FlightAware’s discussions section is logically separate from the other services, e.g. they have two distinct login systems and sets of account profiles, and two separate sets of “help pages”. Evidently this is done so that new people will have lots of opportunities to meet veteran users. I’m not a veteran yet, so I’m still cheerful enough to answer questions like this. :wink: