Tracking a past flight?

I’ve seen that past flights should be trackable for the past 7 days, yet I can’t find any “date” area at the “FLIGHT TRACKER.” Where is that, please?

Also, when I just try to track the flight for today, just to check out this flight tracker, I continually am getting this error: “You must selecct the correct airliine name from the box below the search form.”

However, I am simply copying and pasting the airline name as it’s appearing when I go to the “Don’t know the flight number” link where I entered the two airports in question and found the airline name as reported by this site… So I’m totally confused about how, exactly, I can just get some flight information about March 3, specifically, for Usa 3000 Airlines.

If anyone knows how I might be going wrong, that’d be great to hear. Thanks so much!

If you know the airline code and flight number, just enter that into the “flight/Tail #” box (ie USA3000). The “Track Commercial Flight” box is expecting the airline name “US Airways” and the flight number in the box below.

The FA database tracks and maintains historical data, but the user interface at this time allows only the the viewing of the last flight track.

Thanks, though, that’s exactly what I have done [a few times now], or, type the airline name into the top box, and the flight number in question in the box below, then hit “Track Commercial Flight.”

Though I *keep on *getting that same error popup message, “You must select the correct airliine name from the box below the search form.”

So, despite everyone else being able to use this site correctly, without errors occuring, I’m having issues, still. (And, am using all standard “stuff” like IE 6, Windows xp.

Again, if there’s anything obvious that I may be doing wrong, that’d be so great if I hear back again; thanks!
Still: :confused:

Hi, ** jojojovich**. Do you have Javascript turned on? When you’re typing the airline name, it should pop up a box asking you to click on the correct name based on what you’ve typed.