Changes to "Track Commercial Flight" section?

This morning I tried to check on an arriving flight from Tahiti to KLAX, supposedly Air Tahiti Nui Airlines Flt 02, arriving LAX 8:15am local. I typed in that and the system told me I still needed to “type in an airline name”. Hmmm. I know there used to be an associated link: “dont know the airline”, and it would even take guesses at my spelling and offer some options. I then could pick the name that FlightAware recognized. Anyway, when I tried the “dont know the flight number” option it took me to the section that lists the departure airport code and arrival airport code. I dont know the international aviation identifier for Papette, Tahiti, although I know the other is obviously KLAX. Have things changed in this particular section? The spell-guessing function has been quite helpful when I search for some of the more exotic, non-domestic flights.

It worked for me, even guessed the airline before i finished typing? I’m using Firefox.

I figured it out - when you start typing the airline name, an extra window just pops up with the probable options. This window was not within the dimensions of my laptop screen. It was there but I didn’t know it was trying to help me out.