My Aircraft Info section


The information in My Aircraft section has disappeared. Any ideas?


It works for me – what do you see? Did you check your profile?


Yep. Even tried changing AC tail numbers. The airports I entered show up just fine.


What do you see? Have those aircraft operated recently?


The tail numbers are listed, but the remaining fields are blank. I know for sure that the planes were flown recently. Too bad I can’t attach a screen shot.


It only lists future scheduled flights or flights in the last 48-72 hours. Sounds like normal behavior if there weren’t any recent flights.


Ok. I just added a tail number that flew tonight and it was displayed. I didn’t realize there was a 72hr window. The AC in my list haven’t flown IFR during the past 2-3 days. Thanks for the help. T


It doesn’t search too far in the past since the idea of My FlightAware is to regularly keep an eye on aircraft of interest as far as recent activity – you can click on the tail numbers to look more in depth.