Bug with N-Number entries


Anyone notice that since FA went down a few days ago for maintenance that some N-Numbers come up as though they do not exist? I know that I have typed in a few N-Numbers that I track, and they come up as though they do not exist. Even clicking on some aircraft that are inbound to an airport come up as though they do not exist. What is up with that???

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I dont know if you just didnt understand what I was asking, but that didnt answer my question. It comes up as though the N-Number doesn’t exist at all. I know it is the correct tail number cause I have flown some of those planes though.


This is an anomaly that we became aware of tonight and hope to correct overnight.


I sort of know what you are asking.

I have noticed that some certain planes/flights have been cleared of all the past flights as well. If this happens then when you type in a tail number, unless the aircraft has flown an IFR flight since before its log was cleared out, it will come up saying that the plane can’t be found. If you’re right and it happened as a result of the problem when FlightAware was down for that period of time, until that plane goes on an IFR flight it won’t be visible. I may be completely wrong about all of this, im not really sure.

Hope this answers your question.


We don’t clear out any history, so even if the last IFR flight was 18 months ago, the flight should show up. If it’s saying “couldn’t find that flight number . . .” and it’s clearly a valid N-number that flies IFR, it’s the bug that’s existed for the past day or so.




That is exactly what is happening. Oh, and for the previous post, sorry, it is the same thing, I was reading the 7th post, not reply. Sorry for the confusion.