Can't see details for a flight


Hi there,

I have noticed the following bug several times: If i search for a tail number, I see a list of that plane’s flights. When I click on a specific row in the table to get more details (a radar history, etc), I get the error message:

“FlightAware couldn’t find N35583 just yet.”

To see what I mean, search for “N35583”, Click on “See More Flights”, then click on the 21-Mar flight from KSQL -> KCIC

Does anyone know why this is, or how to fix it? Is it a known bug?



The flight didn’t have a departure message, so the system doesn’t know when it started.


I see, so it shows up in the list of flights b/c an IFR flight plan was filed, but as far as the FA is concerned it never took off. This seems like a bug, is it the FAAs fault, or FAs fault? If the former, any way to get departure messages for more flights? If the latter, can it be fixed?

BTW, how did you conclude this? How can you see where departure messages are issued?



When we get a flight plan message we add the flight to the activity log. If we receive a departure or arrival message, we keep the flight in the activity log (otherwise they’d be filled unflown plans). We’re working on synthesizing departure messages for flights that lack a departure message but appear to be in the air, but it’s nontrivial.

I have access to the raw ASDI logs.


Not knowing what raw ASDI logs are, I assume its something you get from ATC. Is there anything I as a pilot can do to make it more likely you will get departure messages + whatever else you need to track my flights? I’d imagine not, but thought I would ask. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Is it just a random characteristic of your data stream?

In this case, I opened my flight plan on takeoff with tower, was swtiched to a variety of departure frequencies, oakland center, and then tower at the landing airport. I’m not sure who is in charge of this (I am guessing its just a quirk in the reliability of data you get from ATC?), but if there is something simple I can do (I doubt it), that would be nice of course.



Fly out of bigger airports. :slight_smile:

It tends to be more of a problem from smaller airports, the message doesn’t make it from them to the national level system that we receive our feed from. There’s not much you can do operationally to improve the situation.