Route errors

I keep noticing that FA is showing the wrong routes. The route it’s showing is neither what the pilot filed or what was actually flown.

Can’t show an example since for some reason it’s not showing the route anymore, but it was showing a victor airway in the route, but none was ever filed, cleared to, or flown.

What tail or flight numbers are you refering to?

The route may have been ammended by ATC at departure or while enroute.

Next time you see something like this please post the stated route, and the route you believe was flown.

As I said the route is not being shown anymore on FA, so would it still do any good to post it? The flight was only a couple days old, but that’s how long it took me to verify it with the pilot.

Also as I said, the pilot told me that the airway shown on FA was not filed, expected or cleared to by ATC, or flown at any point. I’m not saying the whole route was incorrect.


We still have the flight information, and with the tail/flight number, date, orgin, and destination we can look into when and how the change in route occured.

Sorry but I’m not sure at this point since there’re a few I follow and can’t view the routes anymore to find it. Just have to take my word for it.

Next time it happens, I’ll show you so you can take a look.