Inconsistent tracking

My flights have always been tracked every time now they are not being tracked all the time and I fly IFR??? The flights in question are
pfn to MBo

Mbo to pfn
pfn to bhm
bhm to avl

This thread is useless without knowing your N-number and the details of your flights that are missing.

My tail number is N71PH

It seems you do a lot of similiar flights. Are the ones in question not appearing in your history at all, or is just the tracking line missing?

the flights in question are not showing up anywhere. They dont show up as arrivals or departures and they have no record on FA that they were made. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago. Until then FA has been 99%

What was the date/time for each flight? I looked in the last week and I don’t even see filed flight plans for those routes with your tail number. Did you receive a popup IFR clearance or anything else unusual?

my most recent flight was 2 legs yesterday

No pop up IFR.

Looking at the raw data the only flights I see for your tail number are on the 4th (filed but never flown), 17th (filed and flown), and 21st (filed and flown) of the month; nothing yesterday.

A few possibilities include the tail number being blocked at the FAA level (which the owner may have requested), the flights being handled entirely by local controllers and never making it up to the center/national level, or some other gremlin in the FAA’s system.

There’s no need to start another thread on the same topic.

guess its a gremlin in the system. I own the a/c and never requested tracking to be blocked. Guess I will find other flight trackers.

I would be very interested in knowing if the flights that are missing are also missing on those other flight trackers.

That will help the FA staff determine if it is a problem with only their FAA feed (or data processing) or if it is a problem with the tracks being sent out of the FAA completely.





Mark (aka mduell, aka FA guru) searched the info that FA received from the FAA.

Wow, I have condensed my rant down to a couple sentences. NICE!

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