Not recieving VFR or IFR flight tracking


In the last few months it seems that many times I am not showing flight tracking on (FlightAware) for many of the flights I have taken and also on tracking of other aircraft of interest to me. Has anyone else had this problem?


Can you provide tail numbers and specific flights?

VFR tracking is hit and miss, depends who you’re talking to and how they enter it. IFR tracking should work reliably, although pop-up IFR is less reliable.


Sure, the most recent, N769MR went to KSHV from KHSD last week and came back the same day.
N4161Y went From KHSD to KLAW today no record that I can see.
This is not just a few times this has happened or I would just blow it off as an FAA glitch. I have used FlightAware for years and not had these problems.

Any clue whats up?


On the 5th we received positions for N769MR and a cancellation at the end (indicating origin KOKC destination KSHV) but no flightplan information. Looks like a VFR flight based on the cruise altitude. Same story the next day (UTC, probably the same local evening) for a KSHV-KHSD flight.

Same story with N4161Y on the 8th: positions at VFR altitude, cancellation at the end indicates one flight was KOKC-KLAW, next flight origin was a VOR radial/distance and destination was KHSD.

I don’t know why/how (passing through multiple centers perhaps?) but sometimes the controller will enter enough info for a VFR flight to make it look like an IFR flight to us; in these cases that didn’t happen.


So this is a problem from the FAA to you guys? It seems it has become more prevalent now, because I used to see almost all my flights (VFR or IFR)
and now I get very few records of flights. I wonder what is going on with the controllers and if they have been instructed to enter things differently?

Thank you for your help in this matter maybe in the future it will improve but who knows if the FAA is involved.

One other question when you say you received info on those flights is it available for me to review on your web site? Because for example the last flight I have on N4161Y is from months ago.

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It’s not really a problem so much as it’s outside the scope. VFR flights are not intended to be covered and tracked, but sometimes you get lucky and they are.

You can’t see the messages on the website, I just dumped them from the raw data to see what happened.


The problem has not just been VFR flights but we also have experienced it with IFR flights in that they don’t show up until after the flight is over or almost over. I talked to someone in your technical department and he said the FAA has changed there software and that you guys are having a hard time keeping up with the changes because the have continued to change there parameters.

Maybe things will settle down sometime and things will level out.

thank you for your past responses.



I have noticed this too. It has been going on for the past few months. Was going to start a new post until I saw this one. I fly out of KSAV. Most of my flights are VFR, but for years almost every one of them showed up. In the past two or three months it is rare for them to show up. The data I provide to the tower has not changed and I would assume that their requirements have not changed. Have noticed similar change for friends as well. Is it possible something changed in the way data is interchanged between Flight Aware and FAA?