How does this happen - IFR/VFR/Flight following


I recently completed a 3-leg trip over 3 days. 1st leg IFR KMYF to KAVQ. Nice track showed up on FlightAware. Same day, VFR, squawking 1200, KAVQ to KDVT. Holy cow, it was also on the track image. 2 days later, VFR with flight following ADVT to KMYF, and what do you know, it showed up also, with yet another squawk code. How in the heck does this happen??? N670P 1/20/06 to 1/22/06. I saved the image I was so stunned.


Are you sure you didn’t have flight following? We can overlay VFR FF tracks on top of the last IFR flight or minimally track them in our system when you’re squawking a discrete code. I don’t think we can track aircraft that are squawking 1200.

You can actually distinguish between various versions in our map server clusters since we don’t have them all in sync; the newer version will display the most recent VFR leg whereas the older ones will combine it all. You’ll have the ability to jog through them or overlay them all soon.


No flight following on leg 2, after a 2 hour lunch. I cancelled IFR prior to arrival on leg 1, set 1200, and later flew up to Phoenix squawking VFR. Then, 2 days later! VFR with flight following back to San Diego. The intermediate stop does (KDVT) not have an airport identifier on the track. It seems like multiple flights of the same A/C, with different codes and sometimes on different days, come up on a single track. Got me!


Oh, likely it just connected the dots between the various legs and made it look like it tracked a leg that it didn’t by connecting the end point of one IFR/VFR FF leg with the start point of another one.


//\ That is what I am thinking, there is no way that you would be able to track a 1200 code aircraft, I notice that only my IFR of VFR FF is picked up.