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VFR flight following question

Did a VFR flight (pop up) in where I was put into the national system.


No sign of today’s flight either on my tail number or track log. FBO web did have my flight, though current picture only shows KJAN to KMBO with no track picture. (KML generated file does show my track)

I went from KMBO to KMEI back to KMBO, but picked up flight following via KJAN approach. Picture makes sense to me as the controller probably put KJAN as my departure point and I reported to KMEI approach I was returning back to KMBO so they probably put in KMBO as my destination.

Shouldn’t FA have picked up the same information even if not on the map on my track log since I was given a national (vs local) squawk code?

There was no flight plan or positions; just a departure, three amendments, an arrival, and a cancellation. We don’t really consider that enough to create a flight since there’s no ETA. Origin was always KJAN, but the departure said the destination was KMEI which was changed to KMBO by the first amendment. Fly IFR next time and we’ll get ya.

150 kts at FL35-45 seems “optimistic” for your little bird. :slight_smile: