N1943L missing flight -- popup local IFR

I did a local IFR flight this morning, and came back to see what my ground track would look like and low and behold, no flight info? Tail number N1943L

I got an IFR clearance on the ground at KMBO at approximately 1645Z (10:45 Central Time) and flew two approaches to KHKS and an approach back to KMBO.

Any chance of recovering this flight so I can see my ground track and flight tracking? :smiley:


I don’t see any track data for that ident today. We occasionally don’t receive full tracking info for local flights, although we generally receive position updates. In this case, we didn’t receive anything. Perhaps the controller didn’t really activate a flight plan or entered the tail number incorrectly?

Hmm, would there be a flight plan for local IFR flight? I was doing approaches in actual IMC conditions. I requested the clearance on the ground through KJAN clearance and delivery and received a squawk code before launching.

If the tailnumber was entered incorrectly, would it not show my originating airport KMBO or maybe my arrival airport HKS for IFR activity?

I had to cancel IFR in the air so I am pretty sure I was in the system somewhere? KJAN was the approach controller.

Preciate your quick response!!!