N1943L -How did my return flight get picked up for tracking?


Flew from KMBO (Madison MS) down to KGPT (Gulfport MS) for a chocolate chip cookie.

I flew down IFR.

Coming back, I used flight following (did not file a VFR flight plan).

How did the return flight get appended to my departure flight.

I like it this way :stuck_out_tongue: as I can see the course overlay and the difference in the flight path.

Just curious how the return flight fit into the FlightAware tracking system. Seems that the tracking was not updated as frequently.

Why the difference in the updates?

I would assume it doesn’t show my return flight on the text as I didn’t have a flight plan filed.



We get position updates for VFR flights on some occasions every 3-6 minutes (as opposed to every 30-60 seconds for IFR). The way we currently present the data, the VFR route is appended to the end of the last IFR flight. We’re going to roll out a better mechanism for handling this soon.