Does not seem to be working


Watched flight for 30 minutes, everything seemed OK - logged out and back in 20 minutes later and the flight was back were it started. Showed a 2hr 45 min flight and it said there was 56 minutes left, but the map showed the plane just leaving the airport. Logged out and in several times and still showed the same info. Is this normal?

  1. Fantastic subject line. Tells me what the posting is all about - NOT!
  2. Which flight?
  3. Operating system?
  4. Browser?


AA 17854 / Windows 7 64 bit / IE-9. And rw812 - sorry the subject line bothered you - figured if I put to much info nobody would answer. If you make them wonder - they read it. You did - right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dumb a$$


I have the feeling many people won’t read your posting because of the subject line. I only read it **not **because I was curious about the contents of the posting but because I like things nice and orderly. When I go to the new postings, I want to see no new posting indicators.

Your flight number is wrong. American’s highest flight number, as with most other airlines, never exceeds 4 digits.


You’re right. This place is awful for what you pay for it. I’d demand a refund…