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Virgin Atlantic doesn't serve KPVG !

You show VIR251 serving KPVG Norfolk VA.
Er, shouldnt that be ZSPD, IATA PVG, on t
he other side of the planet?

OMG. Are you serious??? This is just horrible. What shall we do??? What SHALL we do to rectify this travesty upon humanity???

Looks like GIGO to me. Someone reported garbage to FA, and they took them at their word.
Who ya gonna call?

Da Kahuna was in da machine.

This subject comes up once a month or so.
One more time: the FA computer uses IATA codes. For areas outside of the US and Canada this sometimes results in confusing the computer with this type of error.

Jeez, tough crowd, eh?

Nah. Sarcasm is a free service just like Flightaware.