Erroneous "Arrived XX minutes ago" Status


Cessna Citation left KMKC at 1149 CDT, but status seems to be linked to something that’s making it already arrived. Por que?


Fixed the underlying cause and flung the flight back in the air.


The map shows it enroute and the tracklog is getting data updates.


Looks normal now. Probably have wheels on the ground by the time this post shows up. Thanks!


I fixed it while you were composing your post.



Hey, I was just checking my checking account balance online. I think it should have another, I don’t know, say, $983,815.74 in there. Could you look into that?

<----- Crosses fingers, waits for the “I fixed it while you were composing your post” Genie to work his magic…


You one strong dude to be able to fling an aircraft into the air!


It’s just a CJ2… A G4 on the other hand would be a bit harder.


How about an american eagle flight ORD-ATL that arrived a day before it took off? … /KORD/KATL


The departure time being nearly a day in the future is quite curious.


Yea, the FAA sent us a departure message 2 days in the future. I’ll talk to the developers about more sanity checking.