Enroute times errors?

Anyone else note frequent “incredible” times enroute? Click on the aircraft and the times are OK, it’s just in the first page. Could be pilot induced oscillation? I can’t do much on the G1000 but Direct To either!! LOL

Can you post examples?

Over the weekend we had a bug that was causing arrival time to be before departure time but that’s resolved now and the old data will be replaced soon.

Try: N65641 KAGC-KLEX in :34/ N99140 (Q?) :29/ AJX577 = :36 ???
Not complaining, I luv the site! JH

Here’s one from today… A Lear time machine!
flightaware.com/live/flight/N456 … /KSEE/KSEE
Did a high altitude survey and landed 35 minutes before it took off?
Departure time is good, but it landed at 2:52 pm PDT. I just happened to catch a glimpse of him out my front door on short final.

Same bug, fixed today ~1600Z for future flights. Still working on replacing the historical flights we got wrong.

Looks like another one… SoCal Tracon 119.6 might be responsible for it. 2 minutes to Bellingham?
flightaware.com/live/flight/N31M … /KMYF/KBLI
It IS tracking on the map.

There were 2 plans filed and 2 departures recieved. One of them was canceled shortly thereafter, but the other continued. I had it cleaned up manually.