Time error?

flightaware.com/live/flight/N5SY … /KBNA/KMKL

Departed BNA at 6:50 CST, arrived MKL at 6:11 CST. Same time zone.
What causes this?

LOOONG flight? :laughing:

You mean to the next day? LOL

Also, they normally file at 275 kts (or less), so something happened to the filed speed too.

I have no idea. mduell or dbaker might can get you right…

Must’ve got caught up in Ida’s winds… either that or there needs to be a new equipment code for time machines!

Something went wrong in the bowels of ETMS. They told us the departure time was >24 hours in the future (which isn’t an uncommon bug and we corrected back to the right day), but since the flight was only half an hour long when we got the correctly timed arrival it comes up as being before departure.