Please report erroneously cancelled flights


Hi all,

The fix for erroneously canceled (domestic and to/from Hawaii) flights is now in production. If you see any non-international flights with ending times that you believe are erroneous, please report them in this thread or email them to me ( Note this fix only applies to flights from now (4PM Pacific/7PM Eastern/0000 UTC) on; it will become retroactive for all past flights in approximately four weeks.

Thank you and happy tracking.


Yesterday … /KASE/KCMH


Company policy is that all aircraft will be operated at all times on an IFR flight plan, so I doubt they cancelled. They both seem to have dropped off about the same place, 50 nm NW of CMH. Perhaps there is an issue with the radar over there. I dunno.


Both tracks stop about 50 miles short, but the arrival time is about 10 minutes after the last position, which is a reasonable arrival time. We received an estimated arrival time for each flight likely about the time the flight was handed off from center to the local approach controller, which is typical.

WWI45 and N549LR both show up on the map here (as of 6 pm PST), but the tracks have dropped off on their individual tracking pages. Arrival times are “unknown”.
And N171JC shows an arrival only an hour after takeoff. Should be over 5 hours westbound.


Looks like it was fixed for a few days, but now flights are double showing again.


Mark, please check your PM’s

Would be nice to fly from LAX-JFK in 45 minutes!


The overnight weather at KMEM may have played a part in this, but…
FDX1222 shows it landed basically on time, but as I type, it is descending into KMEM, should be landing about 1:20+ behind schedule. It did a few holds waiting for the red stuff on radar to go away.
Another one, FDX1289, circled over Texas a couple times and decided to divert to KAFW. However, nothing shows on the activity log about that diversion, it only shows on the tracking map.


From the 10th of March. … Z/KDTO/K81

#10 … /KSAN/PHNL
It’s showing up on the map, tracking nicely, but it’s not logging. Still says it hasn’t departed KSAN yet. It departed on time.