Flightaware glitch?



Any explanation on what might be the reasoning behind this?

It looks like it’s all of the IFR flights this plane has been on recently.

I have seen most of the odd things on flightaware but I have never seen this one before. Has anyone else?


When did that flight actually take place?


I don’t know. I think it would take at least a month for that to take place lol. When you click on the “view more flights” option the oldest one says it was 12/31/1969 which really peaked my curiosity. Then if you click on that flight that crazy jumbled mess comes up.


I’m talking about the KRDM-KCRQ leg, wondering if you know which one that might be. FlightAware stores data in “epoch time” which is the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00 UTC. Thus, the current time is 1168200586 and 0 would be 4pm on December 31, 1969 in the local time of the departure airport.

Of course, 0 is a bug and as a result of the bad data, it’s showing you every flight track for the last several months. I guess the cat’s out of the bag that the map servers now have support for displaying multiple flights at once. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know when the malformed flight took place, I can look for it and try to find the origin of the bad data – I was just looking for a pointer in the right direction.


The only leg that I found that was KRDM-KCRQ was on 8/11/06 which, according to my calculations was somewhere between the time of 1162339200 and 1162425600. I may not have understood your question correctly, but that is what I came up with.


Wow, that’s pretty amazing!



WOW, I LIKE IT!! <shout, shout>

Maybe we could, with Ctrl key depressed, click on a beginning flight and an ending flight and see a map that shows those two legs and all legs in between.

It would really be a great feature!

Thanks for the sneak peek, Daniel.