whats up with this? anyone know? it says delayed but tracker shows its midflight. it crash or to slow? sorry if question sounds funny but i just curious


Looks like they filed an IFR flight plan and departed VFR (without activating the IFR flight plan), so as far as the flight schedule is concerned, it’s “delayed” and has yet to takeoff although they’re using VFR flight following, so we get some position reports. Hope that clears it up for you.


In this case, the track log starts at 11:43, the departure time for the March 3 KDPA/KRFD flight. It appears to me, therefore, that the March 4 KDPA/KRFD flight was never flown and is not what freybearfreakfan thinks he saw.

It’s confusing. It might help a lot if the track log page also showed the date of the log.