Flight arrival time error


Flight TRS599 on 3/25/08 had no arrival time (an apparent error) until TRS599 on 3/26/08 landed, at which time it took the arrival time from the 3/26 flight (with a +1, apparently indicating plus 1 day), leaving the 3/26 flight still showing its estimated time even though it has landed. This looks like a bug. The system should not have filled in the missing time from the following day’s flight.


The whole system is down for maint at the moment while Mark gets to the bottom of it so expect loads of wrong data. BFI data for today (and the past week or so) is also in a mess.


The site is up and running fine for the vast majority of flights. We are looking at why AAL998 and TRS599 matched the arrival to the wrong flightplan today. We appreciate the reports of problems with the flight data so we can investigate them.


Mark - another one tonight that poked its head up and then went AWOL.

EVA710 out of PAE for RCTP. Got the planned email alert, and then got the departure email alert too, at 2001z. Just looked to see if it’s there in the listings and nope, it’s gone altogether!

Just looked up same flight on flytecomm and they’re showing it as a 1257 local departure, which makes it a 1957z departure, nicely tieing in with the email alert message I got at 2001z as they usually appear about 5 mins after the event has happened.



In fact, I’m lying! The flight is showing in the PAE departures as I write, but, when you key in EVA710 into the ARCID search box it can’t find it !! Uh-oh!

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There’s no page for EVA710 because the arrival time is before the departure time, which the flight tracking page won’t accept. Not the first time we’ve seen that inversion out of KPAE.


Another one you might like to investigate is UPS9368 out of PAE at 1640 local to MWH then ex MWH at 1842 local to SDF. Both reports events are showing flytecomm but nothing at all on here :frowning: . Interestingly, flytecomm only shows the departure times and neither are tracking (ie. flight time remaining isn’t counting down).

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Mark, another one with question marks surrounding it - A4OBU. Shows on flightaware.com/live/flight/A4OBU as having departed at 2058z but the departure email alert has only just arrived timed 2205z which is an hour later than expected. Also, the flight is not tracking across the map - it’s currently showing “11 miles down, 3012 miles to go” but the progress above it says it’s been in the air for 1hr 11 mins !!!?!?!?

Can you explain that one? :smiley: