Early arrivels

I am reposting this as a new topic.
I seem to be having a problem of most of the flights arriving 10 to 15 minutes earlier then then the Actual/Estimated arrival time. One example would be.

Airport: Billings, Montana (KBIL)
Date: 11/15/07
UAL579 Denver to Billings
Real time: 12:27 pm
Actual/Estimated arrival time: 12:46
19 minutes left - 77 miles to go

Real time: 12:34 pm
Wheels down
11 minutes left - 18 miles to go

Real time 12:42 pm
4 minutes left - 0 miles to go

Real time: 12:43 pm
Actual/Estimated arrival time: 12:37
Arrived 6 minutes ago

How can you have 4 minutes left in the flight and 0 miles to go?
I read that there is a 6 minute delay in the data. Does this apply to the Actual/Estimated arrival time only or does it apply to minutes left and miles to go also?
Thanks for your help.

I think you should throw a fit and demand a full refund of what you paid to use this site.

The ETA is provided by the FAA, the distance is calculated by FlightAware. 4 minutes to go with 0 miles to go is possible, but not common.
The 6 minute delay applies to everything ‘live’.

Thank you for the info. Being new to the website I wasn’t sure how everything worked. I appreciate you taking the time to give a real answer instead of just a comment. Thanks again.

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