arrival time not correct


hi, i commute this flight quite often i checked the last two flights i commuted in on and the off times were accurate but the on times were off by about 10 early in both of the flights. i specifically checked the flight time on arrival. the flights were nwa 1810 on 11/30 dtw-cle and commutair 8825 on 12/1 cle-dtw.

we landed about 6:01 pm on flight 1810 which provides wheels up to wheels down time of about 31 minutes. your system shows 24. and then tonight commuting home we went wheels up at about 4:10 and landed just about 32 or so minutes later. i dont know why the inconsistency? but i was there and it definitely exists.


Sometimes the tracking data we receive doesn’t start until the aircraft is as high as 5000 feet AGL (above the ground), and sometimes ends as early as 1500 feet AGL. Those couple of minutes on each end of the flight would account for the 4-7 minute differences that you’re seeing.



That explains it.

I appreciate the quick reply.