Please tell me if actual flight information can be wrong

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to have flightaware show that estimated times for a flight and then very close actual times listed about 5 minutes later can be hours wrong. In this situation, the flightaware data says that the wheels up time is, let’s say 3:46 actual, and wheels down is 5:48PM actual.

But pilot insists that they landed at 11:17PM as a tenant at the local hangar where the attendant closes up at 10PM and says anyone had to be there before 10. Can this much of an error be possible? This was over 10 hours ago and the flightaware tracker still reads the same.

Any ideas out there?

Knowing basic data like the flight ID, airport, and date would help to resolve this mystery.

Mystery won’t be resolved as long as the pilot insists he landed outside the time Flight Aware stated the flight landed

The original poster providing the data will probably only confirm what HE wrote and what Flight Aware provided, not what the pilot stated.


Have now confirmed that the flightaware data, pulled from FAA radar data and ATC to ATC, is actual. It may have only a sliver of a chance of being wrong, but most likely not, as research into this case has proven.

This pilot was simply lying about it to cover something, God knows what, but we won’t be trusting him henceforth, his lack of integrity can and does endanger people, and now we know that’s several.

Thanks for responding.

Yes, it’s possible that the data on FlightAware is incorrect. On occasion we’ll get spurious message from the FAA; the most common message sent in error is an early arrival or cancellation.

A few quick and easy checks for data reasonableness include the altitude and position at the arrival time (both available in the tracklog) as well as the performance of the aircraft; there’s a huge difference between a 2 hour flight and a 7.5 hour flight.

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