More problems with times. … J/tracklog

Track flight map shows aircraft about halfway, text says Landed 37 minutes ago. From the log (1007 PDT) it obviously hasn’t which I can confirm visually :slight_smile: .

If the map and log are correctly showing the situation, then why is the ‘actual arrival’ being invented based (I assume) on the erroneous flight plan ? It’s also dropped off the enroute list and now appears on the arrivals list. IT ISN’T HERE :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly accurate. I know about the ‘part of this flight…’ thing but at the moment N426TM is over Montana talking to Minneapolis.

I have screenshot if it is needed (can’t access my normal photo hosting website to upload) and can email it to whom ever needs it.

Or if somebody could grab screenshot and upload due to time sensitivity, this may be helpful to support?

Arrived 1200 as per original (filed) flight plan. Now shows twice in the arrivals list.

I think what’s happening is before takeoff everything is shown correctly on FA, but as soon as the plane is airborne and the plan becomes active then FA seems to pick up local time instead of destination.

Last week we had an 8 hour Lear transcon “flight”, today a 27 minute Hawker. Still at least I wasn’t fooled - hey, I’m a slow learner but I get there in the end.

(After all that, my camera batteries failed :imp: )