Arrival time discrepancies


I notice consistent discrepancies with arrival times posted on We operate 4 business aircraft and subscribe to two seperate flight tracking programs. While the arrival times of the two other companies match our landing times, varies between 2 and 15 minutes earlier than actual landing times. I have not named the other companies because this is not a commercial for anyone. I would like to know why this discrepancy exists and if there is a fix for it. The departure times of are consistent with the other programs and our actual departure times.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Can you link to a couple example flights?


I don’t have an acutal answer for you, and I would flame myself for replying without having an answer, but seeing as this is your first post I didnt want to leave you hanging for too long…
FA receives it’s arrival messages from the FAA, and it doesnt always work correctly, you might have seen arrival messages, but then the flight go missed and continue to another airport. I can make a guess that the arrival message is somehow delivered when the flight leaves radar coverage, I dont think it is always delivered from the tower saying the flight has actually landed. Others should have a better answer for you.
(edit, just saw that dbaker has posted…he should be able to help!)


07/15 Sat. DTW (DETROIT, MI) BGR (BANGOR, ME) 18:10 19:51 1:41 1.7 ‘‘
07/16 Sun. BGR (BANGOR, ME) YYZ (TORONTO, CN) 10:04 11:33 1:29 1.5 /BE40/W
’’ YYZ (TORONTO, CN) BTV (BURLINGTON, VT) 12:41 13:31 0:50 .8 ‘’
’’ BTV (BURLINGTON, VT) EEN (KEENE, NH) 14:09 14:36 0:27 .5 /BE40/Q
’’ EEN (KEENE, NH) BHB (BAR HARBOR, ME) 15:19 16:00 0:41 .7 ‘’
’’ BHB (BAR HARBOR, ME) TEB (TETERBORO, NJ) 20:52 22:12 1:20 1.3 ‘‘
07/17 Mon. TEB (TETERBORO, NJ) ELM (ELMIRA/CORNING, NY) 13:51 14:30 0:39 .7 ‘’
’’ ELM (ELMIRA/CORNING, NY) PLN (PELLSTON, MI) 16:20 17:42 1:22 1.4 /BE40/W
’’ PLN (PELLSTON, MI) DTW (DETROIT, MI) 18:07 19:00 0:53 .9 /BE40/Q


Above times are for N72HG