Incorrect Routes


I’m not exactly sure what category this might fit into, so please move it as necessary.

It seems that as of late the beginning of routes, at least for U.S. departures, appear to be incorrect. Many now begin with VORs or intersections, a radial or course bearing, and some sort of distance marker. An example would be something like FJC111034. In other cases, it seems a departure for a transatlantic flight (I’ve been looking at DAL404 from KJFK to LFPG specifically) sometimes begins with a waypoint far from the departure field (ex. NICSO). In both cases, there is no SID (Standard Instrument Departure procedure) as there should be. I am wondering why this might appear this way and why this appears to be a recent issue. I am hoping for a fix or some other way to figure out how the route might actually begin. Thanks for your help.

I also emailed support in hopes of getting an answer.


I’m unable to look up your account, but might you have position only flights turned on for your account?


I checked and I do. Would that make a difference for an airline flight? I would think that would apply more to a VFR flight that picks up some sort of flight following or IFR clearance once airborne, but correct me if I’m wrong.


It may make tracking funky if it has adsb or is able to be tracked via MLAT. If you turn off position only flights, the only flight should be the full tracking with origin and destination.


I tried turning it off and it doesn’t appear to have fixed anything. Today and previous days still show the same route. I also tried logging out, but nothing changed.


I’ll check it out, but first we celebrate new years in the central time zone. We will be closed tomorrow (Monday), but I should respond before cob Monday.


Looking at your account, it appears that the flights for DAL 404 appear to be normal now. If you are still seeing these origins, please get a screenshot and send it over.


dl404 wrong route
dl404 wrong route 2
dl404 correct route

It appeared to be showing properly at some point last night, but unfortunately I did not grab a screenshot before it began showing incorrectly again. The first picture shows the route for DAL404 tonight. The second one is another incorrect route from previous days which shows the first waypoint as the first oceanic waypoint. The final one shows a correct routing with SHIPP being a proper waypoint out of JFK. This is the route at this point for tomorrow’s flight, likely to change before departure.