This flight just taxied onto our ramp but according to FA it has not left KHPN:

It did show up as approaching CYOW on the map and it was listed as “enroute” but when I clicked on the flight as I mentioned above the page for that flight indicated that it had not yet departed.

This seems to happen a lot lately where we can’t see flights we are waiting on and it’s gotten to the point where FA’s reliability is in question. This only started when the improvements were relesed a month or so ago.

Any ideas?

Well now it has updated and says they landed 20 minutes ago and shows the entire route and everything. Any idea why the delayed info relay?

Where was it displayed as enroute? Did the flight page have an additional scheduled flight plan in addition to the flight that was enroute at the time? Are you sure the flight page you were looking at had refreshed recently? There’s timestamp on the upper right corner of each page.

Screenshots of the flight page and the airport page are useful for bug reports.

The map for CYOW which shows all aircraft showed the flight coming inbound and also the list for CYOW showing “En Route/Scheduled to CYOW” showed it as well.