Not enoute but tracker says enroute!


I have a family friend who flies citations and falcons for a company out of chicago.

Anyway, I was tracking his flight and it says he departed at 1:44pm ET, yet after 8 hours, it says he’s still ENROUTE, eventhough it’s a 2 hour flight to Colorado.

He has actually flown to two more places since he departed the first place this afternoon.

If he had diverted, it would say “DIVERTED,” but it doesn’t.

What’s going on?


It looks to me like your friend must have flown KPWK/KGJT instead of KPWK/KASE. The change apparently was made during the flight and the controller failed to either cancel the original plan or create a “divert”. The blank arrival time at KASE indicates to me that he never arrived there and the flight plan is still open.

Obviously, he has flown a couple of subsequent legs.


Thanks! I just called him and he said they did divert but not due to weather, but because the owner, who was on board, wanted to go to a different airport.



Looks like the diversion message came in a bit late. The Activity Log now reflects the diversion.

09-Mar-2006 C56X/Q Savannah Hilton Head Int’l [KSAV] Waukegan Regional [KUGN] 08:44PM EST 09:39PM CST 1:55
09-Mar-2006 C56X/Q Savannah Hilton Head Int’l [KSAV] Palwaukee Municipal [KPWK] 08:44PM EST Diverted


im4point, the way FA formats its tracking data makes it feasible to reconstruct what most likely happened – if you think about it for a while. The thing to keep in mind is that FAA controller data is NOT infallible. This situation is probably best described as “Garbage In (FAA), Garbage Out (FA)”. FlightAware is doing the best it can, given that all its data originates from the FAA.

We’re told that we’ll soon be able to look back and map historical data. I look forward to that. If we’d been able to see the entire day’s routings, you’d have had the graphical depiction of that unreported ‘divert’ to KGJT.

It’s exciting to contemplate the features that are to be added to what is already the best free flight tracking system on the internet!


Actually, that was on the 9th. It still shows him enroute from the 12th.

Also, another one of their jets diverted to MKE but shows them landing at PWK.