A strange one...


Take a look at AMT8356 (27 Dec)

The flight is listed as BGR -> FOE… but the track certainly appears as if it’s the other way around. And looking at the flight track log, it appears as though the aircraft landed in the vicinity of Toronto…

Something strange going on with that flightplan!


[edit] upon further review, it looks like the first portion of the flight, from Bangor into Canadian airspace is not displayed at all… only the second portion, where the flight re-enters US airspace is displayed, and then the continuation into FOE is displayed. But this certainly confused the tracker, as the status is still displayed as enroute with no arrival time…


This appears to be related to a known bug in our feed. When the flight reenters US airspace the FAA generates a second departure message for the flight. When we receive a departure message we clear the map, since it should be a new flight.

In other words you were right, “Blame Canada.”


Could FlightAware staf consider the option not to clear previous flights on the same date – at least from the tracker map.

For instance, if you’re in NYC following a family member’s return from LA on a commercial flight routed KLAX/KDFW/KJFK (all the same flight number), it would be advantageous to see the whole flight track, not just the current segment.

Further, many ‘N’ flights have multiple segments on a given date. I’d find it interesting to be able to see the whole package. For instance, flight started from KSFO, ended at KMIA, and had two stops at KPHX and KGGG. Show that as one track with four airports on the map.

If some people really prefer to see only the current/latest segment, perhaps this can be made a preference item on an individual’s Profile page.


That’s part of the plan, Toby. Perhaps not right off the bat, but definitely there will be the ability to enable/disable the display of various segments in the history so that you can track a longer journey like you describe.


I can hardly wait for the trip to the candy store, Daniel.