Arrival Message Sent While Track Log Records Continue

In case this has troubleshooting value to the developers …

Here’s a link to an active flight for which an arrival message has been sent while it remains hours from the destination. Also, the Track Log is presently accumulating timely position reports despite having “arrived.” And another thing … the craft is over Florida.

I would guess that they canceled IFR, which would send the arrival message, but remained with ATC for VFR flight following. They’d keep their xponder code and possibly continue to send position data to the FAA and then to FlightAware. Just a guess.

That would be “possible” but knowing the pilot, that is quite unlikely. At any rate, this topic was posted to provide some potential benefit to the developers if they have time to take a look and determine the results to be an anomaly with respect to the software’s intended behavior.

Presently showing as diverted and enroute to KAHN rather than enroute to their original destination, 1A6.

Supposition: They canceled the original FP and refiled while in flight.

Sometimes we’ll get an early arrival message while the aircraft is still in flight. Most often happens when crossing the Canadian border or the west coast.