Flight Aware Delay?

I was checking on a flight, COA 815 to be exact an Flight Aware gave me the one to EWR on Friday the 16th, December. The one currently in the air to IAH doesn’t show up.

I goto a different tracking system (FE) an put in the flight information, an it gives me LIVE details of COA 815. Why is the flight here not showing up? I mean it departed over an hour ago.

Thanks for the heads up. We’re receiving position updates and plotting the track for that flight to IAH as if it was a VFR flight, but we’re not getting a flight plan or departure message for it. I’m not sure how FE is getting those details, but we will look into this bug.

As a side note, our lag should never be more than 6 minutes behind realtime. If you notice lag longer than that, something is awry.