FlightAware BUG! I lost my line crew job over it.


What are some of the possibilities that could cause FlightAware to show that a flight, with a proposed departure of 11:40pm and arrival of 1:05am, has not taken off? I was assigned to wait for a late arrival at the FBO where I work, and I decided to leave after the aircraft did not show untill 1:30am. The aircraft eventually arrived at approximately 2:00am but flight aware never showed the aircraft took-off/picked up their clearance and as a result of me not being there I was let go. I need to know if this is a common issue because I am fighting to get my job back. Please help.

Also I noticed on a flight I did from one destination to another, I picked up a local IFR clearance in the air. When I landed and looked at FlightAware I noticed that it indicated that I never picked up the clearance and never took off. I think there are some glitches with FlightAware if you are not off the ground before proposed time or if you pick up a clearance while in the air.

If anyone has experienced anything similar please share your story. Anything will help, as I really want my job back.

Thank you to everyone ahead of time.


Can you post the tail number or private message it to me?

We always like to look into our failures, but if it was local or popup we may not have had a chance to get it right.


If the crew elected to go VFR with flight following instead of IFR, it might be related to the bug that I posted a month or so ago.

discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?t=11930

Sorry to hear you lost your job over a mixup.


Chances are it’s a jet and they don’t fly VFR.


Correct. It is a jet and it was not a local flight. It originated one state and ended in another. mduel I will msg you the tail number.


Sorry to be Crass but if Anyone is depending on a volunteer website to do their job well …

If I was working the line Id be calling the dispatch office to see whats going on.




The website may be free but we’re not volunteers! :slight_smile:

I haven’t received the PM with the tail number.


If I understand this right, you were told to expect an aircraft a 1AM. By 1:30AM you have not heard anything from this aircraft, check flightaware just to be sure they are not coming, then leave. I’m sorry, but if you are expecting to be greeted at an FBO after midnight, you should have the decency to call to update the FBO if you are running more than 30 minutes late. Otherwise don’t be surprised to show up to a dark, locked building.

And your boss firing you, I would protest the heck out of that. How long did he expect you to wait for this aircraft if it never came, as corporate aircraft often do.


I’ve worked in an FBO for many years now and I can tell you that this is definitely not unusual. The difference with us is that we are open 24 hours so if they don’t show up there’s much less of an impact…but it does happen on a semi-regular basis.

Too bad this poor guy lost his job over it.