Something wrong with my flight ...


On Saturday I flew IFR from Central Jersey 47N to Tri-County in NC.

Flight was boring and uneventful. About 10 miles from destination I canceled IFR. The controller replied exactly this: “IFR cancellation received, squawk VFR, you have no airplanes in front of you to your destination, have a good day”.

Squawked 1200, landed after 10 minutes.

This is my flight: … Z/47N/KASJ

Why is the status “result unknow”? I know I landed and I didn’t crash :open_mouth: … I also, distinctly remember him say “cancellation received, Squawk VFR” … so … did the FAA forget to send this info to flightaware? Or did flightaware not process it yet?

PS: I flew back to 47N VFR and didn’t file for that … would that be a problem?



The flight you linked to was scheduled from 47N to UNV, not ASJ. Maybe that’s why? Maybe a mistake when your plan was entered in the system (or what FA received?)?


The UNV flight actually occurred yesterday and that’s the other owner of our plane that flew it … (it’s a partnership, me and another guy).

I flew on saturday from 47N to ASJ … he flew yesterday from 47N to UNV.

No ATC got it right. I got there and nobody questioned my destination at any time (I did have one heck of a time negotiating my way out of NJ since they kept changing my clearance ever 15 minutes but that’s normal for NJ). Once out of NJ it was smooth sailing and basically talked to ATC only when I had to change frequencies. Never had a more boring flight.

For some reason the two flights are getting mixed up … even the date looks wrong … I flew on 4/21 … he flew on 4/22. :open_mouth:


Ah, I see now. It was another 4/21 flight in the history. I missed that.

It’s odd. There are 2 flights with a scheduled 2:15 departure on 4/21. One you flew, one to UNV. :confused: Sorry, I can’t help.


s’ok … thanks anyway. It looks like a bug in the FA site more than anything else … :frowning:


There are no bugs in FlightAware - just bad data from the FAA :wink:


… oh ok. :laughing: I stand corrected. 8)


Marco has been placed on a 5 minute time out for overuse of emoticons and claiming that FA has a bug…

Rule #445583309 of FA…

Thou shalt not make any claims against FA with regards to flight info, tracking data, or “programming insects”.


As the others have implied, we never received an arrival or cancellation message for your flight from the FAA.

Regarding the extra city being plotted on the map, that’s a bug.


Ok, thanks for the reply.

This is the first time I see this happen. Is this something that happens from time to time? (for the FAA not to send a cancellation or arrival notice, that is).


Yes. Tends to happen more when the destination is overseas or a small airport.